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Since its formation in 1931, our Club has been walking in the beautiful and varied countryside around Tunbridge Wells. We are affiliated to the Ramblers http://www.ramblers.org.uk/ (previously the Ramblers Association) and support them in their work, and sometimes have joint walks with the local group. This does not confer benefits on individual members. Those wishing to enjoy such benefits must join the Ramblers themselves. If you wish to read about the history of the club use the following link: History Page




     All walkers need to wear comfortable socks and walking boots with good gripping soles, and carry waterproof outer clothing and a drink.
     Experience is not necessary, but it might be best for new walkers to try a half day walk to begin with. Dogs are allowed on short leads only unless the walks leader has stated "no dogs" in the programme.  If dogs are taken they are the responsibility of the owner.

     In extreme weather conditions events may be cancelled, so checking with the walks organizer or membership secretary is advisable.

     Members of walking parties are advised to carry, if possible, their own First Aid requirements, and identification and a contact number in case of emergency, which can be put on a key tag obtainable from walks organizers and is free to all members.


     For a subscription of only £4.00 a year, you can enjoy any of the following activities:-

All day walks on Sundays

Wednesday Walks

Friday Walks

Longer Distance Walks

     Please note that a further subscription is required to join the Ramblers and walk with them.

Information about joining the club go to the contacts page

The Club and its representatives accept no responsibility whatsoever for claims arising from the activities of the Club. Every person participating in any Club function shall be regarded in every respect as carrying his or her own risks in respect of injury and/or damage to persons or their property.